Pop song reviews – 9/23/2012

Alright, I’ve decided that I enjoy writing little blurbs on individual songs. Most pop songs don’t really warrant a long essay written about them, so it’s nice to be able to write something up in the time it takes me to listen to them. What I’ve decided to do here is to look at some of the songs topping the Billboard charts, or other pop songs that I might be familiar with, and do just that. Read more of this post

A Pop Culture Geek vs. Star Wars

I hate myself whenever I find myself discussing Star Wars. I really do. It’s kind of inevitable, though. The degree to which Star Wars is pervasive into American pop culture is perhaps only matched by Journey to the West in Chinese culture. Consequently, it’s not hard to become irritated by much of the fan fervor surrounding the franchise. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t really hold any particular ill will toward the fans nor the films themselves. I was quite a big fan myself when I was younger, and upon revisiting The Empire Strikes Back about a year ago, I still ended up enjoying it. After viewing the documentary The People vs. George Lucas recently, even though I wish I were writing about Tsai Ming-Liang or Kenji Mizoguchi right now, I find myself once again discussing Star Wars.

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Tape Deck: Writing “Margaret”

Bryan Lee O’Malley did something like this at the end of some of the volumes of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, so I figured I would do this myself. Here’s a list of the albums I listened to while writing the screenplay for Margaret and the Fox Spirit (in the approximate order I listened to them): Read more of this post

Making My Own Feature Film, Vol. 1: A Prelude to Filmmaking

As several of the people who might actually bother to click on this awful blog already know, I am in the process of making my own movie right now. Before I really get into the details of what’s going on with the project in general (without talking much about what happens in the film itself), I guess I’d like to start with what first spurred this in the first place. It’s actually a mixture of a few things. This does get into somewhat of a navel-gazing autobiography, so I will surround the rambling autobiographical part of the story with lines of dashes for those who would rather just read about this project itself. Read more of this post

The greatly missed opportunities of The Office’s eighth season

The eighth season of The Office has been a bit frustrating, to say the least. Obviously, the show was going to be changing greatly with the departure of Steve Carell as Michael Scott. Many fans thought that Michael leaving Dunder Mifflin should have been the end of the series – and if that were the case, Goodbye Michael could not have been a more perfect swan song. Personally, I remained optimistic. I’ve always liked the idea of The Office as a show that could continue on for a long time, cycling through salesmen and accountants like ER cycled through medical staff. I was even excited when I read an interview with Paul Lieberstein (writer and producer who also portrays human resources representative Toby Flenderson) describing that each episode of season eight would focus on a different character, taking advantage of the show’s great ensemble cast as opposed to singling out a specific character as “the lead,” as Michael Scott was. It didn’t hurt that season seven also felt like a dramatic improvement over the two previous seasons.

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My Top Hong Kong movies of the 80’s Ballot

One of my favorite resources on East Asian cinema is LoveHKFilm.com, which obviously specializes in Hong Kong cinema but often reviews films from other countries as well. A few years back, they did reader polls on the top movies from the nineties and the naughts/aughts/double zeroes/whatever. In the interest of transparency, I’ve decided to release my ballot for the 80’s and 90’s polls. I don’t have my naughts/aughts/whatever list, but I’ll try to reproduce it to the best of my ability. Read more of this post

Defining the Bourgeoisploitation Film

Good evening fellowettes,

Every year, from October to December, dozens of unadventurous, middlebrow movies are pumped out by the Hollywood Industrial Complex that are so ridiculously white bread and milquetoast (see what I did there?) that they clearly only serve one specific audience: Those with too much money, too much leisure time, and too much pent-up emotion.

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